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OK-N stands for Original Karting National and uses the Vortex VTS-N engine, which has a displacement of 125cc. OK-N is the step up from the OK-J class. This class was introduced in 2023 by the FIA as a low maintenance even playing field for National classes in all countries. The OK-N class is part of the 2024 ROK CUP National Series, with club, regional, and national racing available. The driver that wins in South Africa in 2024 will represent the country in the (FIA) world cup and will be able to showcase their skills in a prestigious event, the FIA Karting World Championship in the presence of the greatest teams in the sport and under the watchful eye of influential motorsport observers. There will be no shortage of opportunities to get noticed! The OK-N kart is built on a 1030mm wheelbase (senior) chassis, making it the perfect size for young drivers.

OK-N Description

Race class
regional / national
LeVanto tyres
Maximum Power
2 Valve 4-Stroke
Bore x Stroke
40 x 40mm
Mechanical brake system with Ø155mm rear disk, Aluminium
Wheels Ø5 inches, 115 mm (front) – 140 mm (rear), Spindles
Ø17mm with Camber/Caster regulation system
Engine Pack
Vortex VTS-N engine
Chassis compatibility
030 mm wheelbase (senior) chassis
Engine Fact Sheet
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