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Kid ROK:

Year of  7th to 10th Birthday

The Kid Rok class is a great option for young drivers looking to start a career in karting. It is designed for drivers between the ages of 7 to 10 and uses a specific engine called the Vortex Mini ROK engine (restricted), which has a displacement of 60cc. Kid ROK is the starting class for kids or the step up from the Cadet class. The Mini ROK kart is built on a 950mm wheelbase mini chassis, making it the perfect size for young drivers. The engine is restricted to 10 horsepower to ensure easy and safe driving. The Kid ROK class is a low-cost formula with easy-to-run engines and durable LeVanto tires. The Kid ROK class is part of the 2024 ROK CUP National Series, with club, regional, and national racing available. The winner of the Kid ROK class will be invited to represent South Africa and compete at the ROK CUP SUPERFINAL(must be 8 years old) The Mini ROK class at the Superfinal will be run on pool engines providing the fairest possible conditions for our South African drivers to perform.

Kid ROK Description

Year 7th-10th Birthday
Race class
Regional / National
Front: 10 x 4.00-5
Rear: 11 x 5.00-5
Maximum Power
10 HP @ 11 000RPM
Bore x Stroke
42 x 43mm
Engine Pack
Electronic ignition, carburettor, single cylinder 2 stroke, exhaust system, pinion Z10- 219 pitch chain
Chassis compatibility
Wheel Base 950 mm
Engine Fact Sheet
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