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Year of 11th to 15th Birthday

The OK-J class is the next class after Mini ROK or for new drivers from 11 to 15. It is designed for drivers between the ages of 11 to 15 and uses a specific engine called the Vortex OK-J engine, which has a displacement of 60cc. The OK-J kart is built on a 1030mm wheelbase chassis, making it the perfect size for young drivers. The OK-J class is a low-cost formula with easy-to-run engines and durable LeVanto tyres. The OK-J class is part of the ROK CUP National Series, with club, regional, and national racing available. The winner of the OK-J class will be invited to represent South Africa and compete at the ROK CUP SUPERFINAL. The National OK-J class is run on pool engines to ensure an even playing field and that driving talent is nurtured. The winner of the South African National championship in OK-J will be invited to attend the FIA OK-J Academy competition in Europe which is a fantastic way for a young driver to obtain recognition in the world of international motorsport.

OK-J Description

Year 11th-15th Birthday
Race class
Regional / National
LeVanto tyres
Maximum Power
3HP Peak
Bore x Stroke
40 x 40mm
Low-cost formula with easy-to-run OK-J engines
Engine Pack
Tillotson 105R, 2 Valve, 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder
Chassis compatibility
1030mm wheelbase chassis
Engine Fact Sheet
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