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Year of 5th to 8th Birthday

The Cadet class is the first step on the karting ladder and is designed for the youngest kids to dip their toe in racing karts. It is designed for drivers between the ages of 5 and 8. It runs with a 105cc 2 Valve 4-Stroke engine, Norman 18T Clutch, Analog ignition coil and Tillotson Carb. The Cadet kart has Tubular Frame Ø28X2 mm, Axle Ø30x5x980 mm – Bodywork MK14 PUFFO, plastic rear bumper, Mechanical brake system with Ø155mm rear disk, Aluminium Wheels Ø5 inches, 115 mm (front) – 140 mm (rear), Spindles Ø17mm with Camber/Caster regulation system
The Cadet class is a low-cost formula with easy-to-run engines and durable Maxxis tyres and specially formulated T4 racing oil. The Cadet class is part of the 2024 ROK CUP National Series, with club, regional, and national racing available. The Cadet class offers and arrive and drive option as well as a purchase your own kart.

Cadet Description

Year 5th-8th Birthday
Race class
Regional / National
Maxxis tyres
Maximum Power
105cc 4-stoke
Bore x Stroke
55 x 46mm
Engine Pack
Engine system
Chassis compatibility
Tillotson T4 Cadet
Engine Fact Sheet
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