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Year of 15th Birthday +

The KZ2 class is the fastest kart class in South Africa and uses the Vortex RSZ engine, which has a displacement of 125cc. The KZ2 class is an open class meaning you can use any manufacturer's brand of 125cc six speed gearbox engine. KZ2 is the step up from the OK-J class and or the OK-N class or for karters starting out that are older than 15. The KZ2 class is part of the 2024 ROK CUP National Series, with club, regional, and national racing available. The winner of the KZ2 class will be invited to represent South Africa and compete at the ROK CUP SUPERFINAL. There will be no shortage of opportunities to get noticed! The KZ2 kart is built on a 1030mm wheelbase (senior) chassis, making it the perfect size for young and old drivers alike. KZ2 karts can get to 100kp/h from a standing start in less than two seconds, and run top speeds of 140kp/h so are not for the faint hearted.

KZ-2 Description

Year of 15th Birthday +
Race class
Regional / National
LeVanto tyres
Maximum Power
43HP @ 13 900 RPM
Bore x Stroke
Engine Pack
Carburettor, single cylinder 6-speed 2 stroke, exhaust system, Water cooling system, pinion Z17- 219 pitch chain, gear selection system.
Chassis compatibility
Wheel Base 1030mm

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