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About Us

ROK Cup South Africa kart racing series is a division of the internationally recognized ROK Cup racing program

ROK Cup South Africa is a leading kart racing program that has made a significant impact in the sport across the country. This premier program provides support for kart racing right from club level to international-level events. With a strong commitment to the growth and development of this thrilling sport and the youth, ROK Cup South Africa has established itself as a key player in the kart racing scene. We believe in providing a level playing field that fosters healthy competition, thereby enhancing the overall kart racing experience. ROK Cup, is an International Series with a 15-year history in over 32 countries.
Powered by Vortex
In Vortex, thanks to the many years of karting experience, we have designed engines that combine admirably four qualities in a go kart: easy to use, high performance, low maintenance cost and regulations stability.
International Series
ROK Cup is an International Series with a 15-year history in over 32 countries.
AKC Supported by MSA & FIA
The Inaugural African Karting Cup marked a new chapter for African karting. It was a celebration of the sport, a showcase of talent, and a testament to the potential of African karting.
African Talent
Rok Cup South Africa has embarked on an ambitious project to nurture and develop Africa's karting talents and to prepare them for international competitions, demonstrating a commitment to help grow karting across the continent.

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