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Rok Cup Racing: A New Season Begins

Welcome back to another exciting season of Rok Cup Racing. May 2024 bring you all success, happiness, and love. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Our Communication Platform

This year, we’re streamlining our communication and moving all of our notice boards to WhatsApp. This is where we’ll post important notices, changes, updates, etc. You can join the group using this link: 


Please note that this is not an open discussion group; only admin posts are allowed. This change will allow us to deliver information more efficiently and ensure that everyone stays updated.

Our Virtual Notice Board

This will only be used on race days for communication relating to that event.


Contact Information

If you need to reach out for any reason, you can contact Cindy at +2761 518 8677 or send an email at cindy@brubber.co.za. She’s always ready to assist you with any concerns or queries you might have.

Profile Photos

We’re also asking all of our racers to provide a profile photo. This should be a headshot with a plain background. Please pose with your arms folded, no helmet, at an angle showing your left side. This will help us create a more personal connection between our racers and fans, and also ensure that we can easily identify everyone.

Pit Passes

Remember, it’s crucial for both drivers and mechanics to have their pit passes at every race event. These were allocated last year. If you didn’t receive one or have misplaced it, please get in touch with Cindy as soon as possible. These passes are a requirement and ensure everyone’s safety and proper identification during the events. Those that attended the AKC event received number pit pass bibs, please use these for your driver technicians at all the races.

Let’s Make This the Best Season Yet!

We’re excited to see what this season brings and wish all of our racers the best of luck. Let’s make 2024 the best Rok Cup Racing season yet!

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